1965 Ford Mustang Daniel from Colorado

Daniel's father-in-law purchased this car about 40 years ago. He passed away 20 years ago, which is when Daniel inherited it. It sat in his mother-in-law's garage for 17 years all covered up, never moved an inch. When she passed away, Daniel and his wife Eileen decided it was time to move the car home to their own garage and begin restoring it. What a huge project! There was a point when they wondered what they had gotten themselves into.

Since finishing up the restoration, they have been showing it and winning several trophies and awards with it.

Daniel and Eileen have a large collection, but the Mustang is their pride and joy. Every time he accepts a trophy he feels his father-in-law is with them.

Submitted by Sara, Underwriter

I've been a Midwest girl all my life. I've lived in MN, WI and eventually landed in the Traverse City, MI area. The key to living in the cold winter months is to find something fun to do in the snow! I love Hagerty and have worked for them for over 14 years. My dream car would be a 1960's Jaguar to drive around in our gorgeous MI summers with.