1952 MG TD Roadster Will from California

Will’s dad bought this 1952 MG TD roadster in Germany while he was serving in the military. He drove it while stationed there, then imported the MG from England to the US and drove it to California. His father decided to give Will his MG because he wanted to keep it in the family. While he does know that Will restored it he doesn’t know that Will will be driving up to his dad’s home soon to surprise him with the new restoration. Will said his dad kept this ’52 MG TD all these years because he loved it, even said he wanted to be buried in it, but decided to give it to Will instead. Will wanted to preserve the vehicle and not restore it. The only new part is the wood and the interior which were too far gone to preserve, everything else is factory and only cleaned up. Will's best memory: just being in the car when he was young with his dad, it was a real treat. Will drove the MG to his High School Senior Ball and his dad hired a security guard to follow him and stand out by the car to make sure no one dinged it.

Sue Oleniczak