1971 Jeep Jeepster Commando William from South Carolina

When Will was only two days old, he took his very first ride in this 1971 Jeep, and he’s loved it ever since. His father decided to sell the Jeep in 2006, despite Will’s pleas that he reconsider. However, the buyer promised Will's dad that if he ever were to sell the car, he’d give him the first option to buy it back. The buyer restored the Jeep and then decided a few months ago to sell it. Following through with his promise, he tracked down Will's father's home to offer him the first choice to buy it back. When Will answered the door, the man told him that he was looking for his father to sell him the car. Will explained that his father had passed away three years before, but that he would absolutely love to buy the Jeep. He now has the first car he ever rode in as a baby and the car that will remind him of his father and countless family memories.

Submitted by Jessica, Underwriting