1964 ½ Ford Mustang Willie from Virginia

In 1964, Willie heard about the new Mustang that would be coming out soon. He went to the dealership to check it out but the only model that was on display was the coupe. He didn’t want the coupe so he asked how much it would be for a convertible, and he went over the other options with the dealer. He stated he would have to check with the bank to see if he could get the loan. The banker told him to go and get the car, so he went back to the dealership and purchased the Mustang for $2645. He couldn’t wait for the vehicle to be delivered and it only took 5 weeks for him to receive it. The first thing he did when he purchased the vehicle was take it to show his mom. His mom, however, was not impressed at all with the car. She thought the door was too long and the seats in the back were too small. She couldn’t believe a car manufacture would even think about building this car. Willie drove the vehicle for many years, and in 1980 the car was taken off the road, and kept in the back yard for 10 years. In the early 1990’s a neighbor of Willies stopped by and stated they should restore the Mustang to its glory. Willie and his neighbor went out in the yard and jumped the Mustang, and low and behold it started right up. They pumped the tires up and then proceeded to drive it 2 miles to the neighbor’s house. It only took them 7 months to restore the vehicle. The Mustang was finished just in time for Willie and Sandy’s wedding. The first trip the Mustang took was on their honeymoon to Kentucky. Over the years they have taken many trips with it, including taking Route 64 (to make the year of the car) across the county and back. The last trip the Mustang took was on the Blue Ridge Parkway for their 25th anniversary. Since then, the Mustang only comes out on occasion and has been retired from traveling long distances.

Carrie Kobylski